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Saturday, 22 October 2011

what I married

well i finally came to terms that  i married a socialpath and if anyone wants to know what that is just google it  hes not a killer  or anything but the man has no emotions no conscience or no concept of what is right or wrong ! I knew from the beginning that something was wrong with him but since I didnt care i just let it go  and well now that I do care i dont know what to do! The man spies on me constantly he doesnt have normal feelings like normal people do compassion excitement  originality passion he just imitates mine! and i can say anything to him nasty or nice and he doesnt register it .Only time he gets angry is when he loses control then he loses it untill he can gain control again and he does it by any method he can  humiliation blackmail bullying  and this goes for anyone who is caught up in his net . So i cant leave because he has me so ensnared in his web and knows all my secrets and plus I have children with him he uses it all against me when i mention the word divorce . Im so unhappy with this marriage we dont get along at all he doesnt like anything i like and i dont like anything he does \im also soooo lonely because I cant have any friends without him being all involved in their lives  he makes me feel like im just an extension of him and his life .

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