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Friday, 12 August 2011

want my owwn bedroom

Ive been married now for like 10 Yrs and the one thing that i really and have always wanted was my own bedroom  but my husband wont agree to it  It really makes me upset that i cant have it I need some privacy in this marriage and my husband doesnt give me any He totally suffocates me I cant do anything without him being around he doesnt work and i work from home and we are together 24 7 which i cant handle. Sometimes just to get away from him Ill sleep in one of the kids room or the couch  and he acts all resentful the next day. Its not because of the sex either we rarely have sex because i am not really sexually attracted to him never have been so unless im extremely drunk and horney or he attcks me while im dead to the wrld asleep  its not gonna happen!!! lol  we have so many things wrong with this marriage and I have asked for a divorce many many many many times but he wont give me one  I guess he wants us both to stay miserable!!

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