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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Dukan diet

well first week into the dukan diet and I must say its an amazing diet and it does everything it promised I lost 7 pds in less then a week! so happy about that and I got to eat as much as I wanted of the prescribed foods and got off my carb and sugar and fat addiction i dont crave them as much anymore  Its abit hard in the first faze because your only allowed to eat protiens  and you do feel abit weak but the upside is your not all moody or achy or headachy!  I really dont have all that much to lose only about 10 pds but i was getting scared for awhile because i was just gaining and gaining Id tried to diet but then i would lose maybey 2 pds after starving myself then gain back 3 after just eating normal again that was coupled with an hr of intense workouts lol so you can see why I was freaking out ! Ive been driving my family nuts with the diet  since most of them need to lose about 10 to 20 pds themselves but everyone just rolls there eyes at me lol soooooooo  I guess im just going to have to blog about it I get to go on the next faze  which means i can add veggies to my diet and again its only certain ones(its alot) and still eat all I want the other good thing i find though is Im not as hungry as i use to be  so Im not pigging out even though your alowed too well wish me luck! my starting weight was 125pds and this morn on the scale i was 118 pds and a couple ounces  whoot whoot whoot!!!

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