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Saturday, 6 August 2011

ohhhhh saturdays

well i spent the whole saturday doing nothing but laundry and feeling sorry for myself. Im trying to diet to lose ten pounds but nothing is working and well i love food its the only thing I really enjoy right now lol I have to be inspired to lose weight and well there is nothing inspiring me. so im giving up food for nothing and trust me if you want to lose weight no matter what those friggin diets say or how full they claim youll be all the time its bullshit lol  why cant they make a diet out there  that contains  no calories and is really delicious and you can eat what ever and when ever you want !! the only reason id lose weight right now I think is if I was looking foward to a date with brad pitt lol  and since Im married to a man that doesnt give a shit about his own body wieght ( he looks like hes six months pregnant ) I have no insentive to lose my poundage either . God I wish hed divorce me if for  no other reason  was so that Id lose weight! being single always made me skinnier

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